What do I know about making window displays?

Thanks for reading this blog, if you would like to know more visit windowwanderland.com (updated Jan 2019) Some people have asked me for 'tips' for making a display, to which I reply that I'm not sure I know much. My feeling is that the galleries of other people's work that ping around online are the... Continue Reading →

Marcus and the beanstalk

Most people look down when they walk, so it is logical for us to think of Window Wanderland displays happening in ground floor windows. However, I have always imagined them in tall buildings, grabbing your attention in places you don’t usually look. Luckily for me in 2016 Artist Amy Creech and I did were given... Continue Reading →

Then I will begin

I grew up in a house called ‘Playtime’, named after a 1968 french film, and this generated rumours that our quiet suburban street was the scene of wife swapping and debauchery. My parents best friends bought the house next door, cut a hole through the wall in the upstairs landing and we climbed in and... Continue Reading →

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